SelfScapes refers to the relationship between self and its environment and is a new research cluster at York St John University. The aims of this research cluster is to investigate both the body and place as sites for interconnected experiences and how this might be mediated through a range of media.

Our approach involves both semiotic and phenomenological considerations and focuses on themes of embodied landscape, self and surroundings, self as narrative, self and body and creative practice as research.

Asking questions such as:

  • How does environment shape individuals? And vice versa?
  • How do we interact with our environments? How is our experience of environment influenced by cultural conventions of perception? Are we distanced or experience them as embodied?
  • How is the formation of self influenced by the close relationships with the family system? What happens when the body is perceived as the environment for self? How is our experience of environment mediated by our bodies?


SelfScapes has received Catalyst funding from York St John University for a series of events this year. The emphasis throughout is on exchange and development of understanding and foregrounding approaches and research outputs that enhance artistic research. The first event at Dalby Forest involves presentations from each artist to introduce their creative work and its relationship to SelfScapes followed by time together researching, making and discussing the development of new work. The second event will be an exhibition with round table discussion on the work produced. The discussions, exhibition and documentation from Dalby Forest will be used to create a publication. We hope that participants in the first event will continue their involvement throughout the following events.